st. james/galloway confirmed

Here's something to tide over you Sons of Hazard fan girls while you're waiting for that new album to drop. Sol has been hacked! And we're not talking a few paltry e-mails dissing Coldplay either (though we will take that phone book, please and thanks).

This past summer, St. James was seen frolicking with VS supermodel Lily Galloway and you called it. A hot hot hot video of the Sons of Hazard bassist doing the dirty with a Galloway lookalike was lifted from St. James' phone. Though we're obligated to tell you the footage is blurry, it doesn't take a mathematician to put two and two together. Hey, we're only almost a year late!
gia alvarez vs the collective

Looks like Gia Alvarez's DGAF #wreckoning Instagram taunt put her in the crosshairs for a hacking. Unfortunately for the mysterious Collective, the girl's game is tight. ...Or boring. After slapping down Clippers' Cristian Garcia, she didn't even have the gall to ask Oliver Cobb for a dick pic. Damn.

In the meantime, there's a new trove of her private selfies hitting the net just for you fans. We'd never let you walk away empty handed.
mzhree songs better at foreplay than she is

We don't know much about elusive and eccentric songstress MZRHEE, but we've heard if you like to get down, dirty, and raw in between the sheets that she should be right alongside Rhodes and The Weeknd on your playlists.

And after seeing the sex tapes The Collective dropped of her... we're calling foul. False advertising. The footage is almost distressingly tame, so don't get your hopes up if you're shameless enough to go googling for it.
raph didn't only get his girlfriend doxxed

The winner of this week's Hall of Shame belongs to our favorite Canadian rapper. After his phone book was posted online (the notable numbers included Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, J. Cole, Young Capone, Moni, Simone Venable, Adette Weiman, MZRHEE, Ana King, Luke Park, Jared Hucke, and (S)PEIS... in addition to girlfriend Reyna Bledsoe and his mother) so was his solo contract with Warner Records. We all know Lil Wayne and Birdman are beefing, but are we looking at a Wayne-Raph split, too? The Canadian rapper threw a royal tantrum when his mentor refiled his lawsuit against Cash Money last Monday. Now Raph's looking to go solo with Warner Records.

No word from Weezy yet, but it looks like his ex wasn't the only thing Raph was doing behind his back.