the capture and torture of felicity smoak 1/21 - 1/22

The last thing Felicity remembered was being in her apartment. or... it was Harry Rayburn's apartment and she just moved herself in without any actual permission. Felicity was shacking up with Ray Palmer and Rip Hunter in this strange new world. But what really got her gears going was that she wasn't in the apartment now. not even close. She was in a room, a small room, with no doors and no windows. In front of her were a bunch of computer parts with two monitors. She was about to push up and sit up on her knees when she noticed she was wet. The floor was covered in water, not enough for it to even show on her sneakers, but enough that her clothes were wet. The screen on the left came on and she squinted to see what was happening. Both Freya and Felicity needed glasses, and she didn't have her contacts in right now. The screen was divided into three parts and she could faintly make out who was on it. Freya's mother, waitressing in the casino she worked for in Las Vegas. Ray Palmer sitting at his desk in Rayburn Technologies. And Rip Hunter in the lab, no doubt trying to make time travel possible.

Felicity isn't sure where this is headed, but she doesn't like the feeling in the pit of her stomach. Finally up on her knees now, she is looking around the room. There's one outlet, way too close to the ground to touch, and nothing else. There appears to be a crack that might be a door of some kind, but she can't find anyway to open it. The walls are wood, the floor is... carpet. She'd only been building computers since she was seven. Even though there was no explicit instruction, she could easily figure out where this was going.

Just as she was thinking it, a message flashed on the screen: "Build the computer in an hour to let yourself out. Or I will start shooting. And you can watch." Swallowing hard, she looked around her. There was no grounding herself for building this computer. The wet carpet, all of the part she needed to plug in. And there wasn't even a way to begin without letting her hands dry out first. The static was going to build easily, and if she wasn't half dead before sliding the tower cover on, she was definitely going to get fried when plugging the thing in. Her eyes scanned the room again, but she was just wasting time. She knew that she wasn't going to let three people she loved die over this. All three of them were worth death to her.

She waved her hands around, like that would make them dry faster. When she felt it was as good as it was going to get, she began. She could do this with her eyes closed, in the dark, probably with her hands tied behind her back. But Felicity could sense the point of it all was to hurt her. She didn't have a super power. No belt that made her go atomic, no time traveling machine. No physical skills or a bow and arrow. She was simply Felicity Smoak - a lady with exceptionl technological skill and hacking abilities. She wondered why this person wanted this computer built, what they were going to use it for. They clearly weren't as versed in it as she was, so she put in some precautions. Some things to make whatever the person was going to use it for more difficult for them. She'd already gotten shocked about four times before she got the power supply in. She wasn't excpecting this shock to be as light hearted and "fun" as the others. Her whole body spasmed as she got the connection she needed and she made a noise like she was pumping herself up for something big. "C'mon Felicity, that wasn't so bad. Right? You've been through worse. Maybe. Okay, that sucked."

Her hands had visible burn marks on them and she was exhausted. There was one final piece, and that was to plug the computer in and make sure it worked. This wasn't going to be fun, at all. Taking a big breath, she tried as carefully as she could to get the plug into the outlet without getting it wet. And she succeeded. After a big breath, she quickly moved to the computer, turning it on and coding as much as she could. All she wanted was for that damn door to open. She got it, and went to her email. She typed a few words to Ray and Rip, this was for you. She hit the hack she had on the other window to open the door and hit send on the email before she realized what was happening. The door opened, but instead of another room, it was an exposed wire. She had to grab it to plug it in, she had to literally burn herself to leave. Felicity wanted to cry, but the clock on the computer said she had ten minutes before whoever did this started to murder the people she loved. It left her no choice, but she still would've made that same choice anyway.

She didn't even remember plugging the wire into the wall before everything went dark.